We have been in the Hair Products & Hair Extensions business for several years. During that time, the hair market has exploded into a multi-billion dollar industry. As a result, professional stylists are experiencing an increased demand for high quality human virgin hair for their clientele. However, it is challenging for the professional Stylist to get consistently reliable quality hair.


Many Entrepreneurs are selling hair products. Not to cite the thousands of websites. The suppliers are taking advantage of these reseller by selling products with little regard for quality. We are the Experts in the hair product industry. That means that we know hair quality and reputable and suppliers. Our Buyers  travel to India and China calling on our suppliers. In India and China alone there are over 50,000 trading companies and manufacturers. We also have authentic suppliers in Vietnam and Peru. To have consistently quality hair you must have a business relationship. It has taken us years to accomplish that.

 Our hair products are made to our standards. For example industry standard is 120-130 density in closures and frontals. Our minimum standard is 150-180. Our wigs are all handmade to order at 200 density, double knotted, with baby hair around the perimeter and have combs and adjustable stretch band. 

Oftentimes, stylists have been unable to locate a reliable source of hair. If you are looking for a reliable source for high quality hair, then look no further! Hair Extensions Distributor is the perfect partner for you. We can meet your delivery schedules while providing superb customer service and high quality hair. With Hair Extensions Distributor, you have a solid and reliable partner for your business.

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As a consumer, interested in purchasing hair to be styled by your local stylist, there are multiple high quality virgin hair options to your liking at competitive prices. Click the Hair tab above to order the perfect hair texture for you!

Hair extensions distributor is committed to providing the best hair in the world along wit We sell via the website and directly to the Professional Stylist, Salons, Wholesales and Entrepreneurs.

We have a MISSION of making women more beautiful by providing quality products with outstanding customer service.